Tuesday, December 1

Final Grad projects crit

Today was my final Graduate Projects in Fibers critique, where I presented the final(?) version of Flatiron. Success! I met with just the Craft Dept heads, and they seemed quite pleased with how this piece grew and how my work has stretched and changed throughout the semester. This is probably the only course I'll take with the MFA students, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to participate in a graduate level studio course. I have 4 more studio classes to take, but they'll probably all be undergrad studios taken for grad credit.
As a result of this class I've become much more aware of intentionality. I think my status quo is to be in a mode of process, but not necessarily making choices in my art for specific reasons. I've just been doing, under the guise of "making is thinking". But this course pushed me to be doing and thinking, and to really question my choices.
I'd like to move forward, not revert to old practices, but find a way to merge my practices and modes and materials, and....and.... and keep being an artist.


  1. The piece is very rich, and looks a bit like a quilt (because of the coming together of many different squares).

    Congrats on a good review!

  2. Thanks Iviva! I always like textile references. My professors kept trying to push me out of my constant historical craft referencing, but I can't help it-
    I'm a fiber artist after all, and part of me wants to pay hommage to my needle-wielding forbears!