Sunday, December 13

Fleisher Student Exhibition

I stopped by Fleisher on Friday to hand in all my contracts and syllabus stuff for next session, and had time to see the annual Children's Exhibition. I wasn't able to get photographs before of this last project my students did, so here they are- multi-figure gesture drawing compositions.
The students took turn standing up to be models, and they layered about 5 different figures on the page, then went back in to blur and redefine the figures' spatial relationships, adding color for emphasis. It wasn't the projet I would have chosen to put in the exhibition, but I let the students vote on which one they wanted to display. It turned out as a sort of class self-portrait..
The exhibit has a closing reception on Saturday, December 19th 1-3 pm. There's a lot more great art by kids to see!
Found out all 3 of my classes are running next semester!!!

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