Thursday, July 23

Stitch Week roundup and my sincere apologies

I can now sit upon my shiny new/old floors and reconnect to the internet. Hooray! I can't really imagine life before internet now. I used to wait weeks for mail to come with penpal letters, but now feel deprived after one week without online access.

So here are the last images from Stitch Week- which seems like ages ago now. Although I'd like to expound upon each one at length, there's so much else going on I'll just give them to you at once:

Frances Schatz was all about exploration. She had previously taken collage classes at Fleisher and incorporated her work on paper into a fabric/paper collage.

Dianne Hricko is an amazing surface design artist who was eager to learn new stitches to use in her silk fabric collages. I've been to her studio frequently and enjoyed our critique sessions.

Ali Emeric was very open to experimentation and has a great color sense. Ali is a senior at Moore, my alma mater, and is doing an internship with Dianne this summer.

Fran Dietrich is one of those slow and precise sort of stitchers, and her results are elegant. Here she was able to combine her crocheted rounds as an applique in her circle sampler. Combining different media in one piece can be a challenge, but she pulls it off by unifying through color and shape.

Roberta Kangilaski has an inner sculptor I think. She really enjoyed all the experimentation and exploited the techniques for their dimensional possibilities.

Last but not least is Elaine Erne, who bravely set down her 4B pencil and picked up a needle and thread. Elaine definitely seemed interested in embroidery's capacity as a drawing medium.
So that's all folks! Join me again in the future for more stitch classes at Fleisher Art Memorial.

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