Wednesday, July 1

back lots and gypsy moths

I just finished the first panel in this multi-panel piece, which you can see here bottom right corner. Not much of the printed fabric shows through now, but I know it's there, and I like that hidden element of the leaf found on site working into the image. From top right down the stitches are: trellis stitch, feather stitch, straight stitch, and fishbone stitch. I'm trying to be a little looser in my detail in this piece, relying more on texture than specific details. At least that was the original intention.

People often ask how long it takes me to do these. Now you can search back into the blog and find out. Sometimes the thinking time takes more than the working time.

This photo is for one of my students who stated a desire to work with eyelets. I found this gypsy-moth nest in the parking lot behind Liberties Walk in Northern Liberties. The caterpillars were pulsating in unison for some reason-maybe that's how they escape. The open circular areas reminded me of eyelets. Gypsy moths take me back to my youth when my grandmother waged outright war on the caterpillars on the trees on her acre of land in Voorhees, NJ. She armed us with tweezers and a can of gasoline to plop them into and called me "eagle-eyes".
You never know what will inspire you.

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