Thursday, April 5

Stripped of his Garments

Tomorrow for Good Friday, I will share this piece (literally) with the participants of an artistic interpretation of the Stations of the Cross held by the West Kensington Ministries on Norris Square at 3 pm. Entitled "The Shirt off my Back", this piece will represent the 10th station of the cross when Jesus was stripped of his garments and lots were cast for them. I purchased the small white man's shirt at my local Circle Thrift store a  few weeks ago. Stitching the sleeves took the longest- done in block of alternating direction running stitches. The body of the shirt bears an anatomical heart with radiating lines.
During the walk through the Stations of the Cross in the Norris Square park, I will cut apart the blocks in the sleeves to distribute to those present. I believe it symbolizes sacrifice and generosity. To "give the shirt off one's back" is a phrase that demonstrates our ultimate sacrifice for others, but it pales in comparison to Christ's sacrifice.
It's very meaningful for me to participate in the centuries-long tradition of church-sponsored artistic expression. I'm sometimes uncomfortable with the monetary/business side of being an artist. I make things because I must- it is a natural outpouring of my creative spirit, so to have a spiritual purpose for the creativity is greatly fulfilling.

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