Monday, April 16

Some drawings

 Stopped on a long solo hike along the Wissahickon to sketch. I pulled out my paint set, but alas! had no brushes or water. What's the survivalist artist to do? I found some pine needles at my feet and fashioned them into a brush, then poured the remains of my coffee into the lid of my cup, and painted some coffee brown into the trees.
 Later on at a diner, with an interminable wait for service, I sketched out some "Sprouts" drawings. My daughter showed the game to me- start with 9 dots, connect 2 dots and add a new dot on the new line, dots can only have 3 lines touching them, lines cannot cross. I was trying to figure out if there was a maximum number of moves. I think it might be 26. Then I was thinking about exponents, fibonacci series, and fractals for an upcoming residency project....
I accidentally shmeared some ketchup on the placemat while I was drawing. Napkins and placemats are the best place to draw.


  1. Hi Marie! Great show, Softer Edges! Speaking of dots and drawing, are you familiar with Kolam from India? Last year at St. Mary we did Kolam designs and with them made a border for a Father's Day Card.

  2. I was looking for an image for my latest post and found your photo of many colored beads, which led me here. I like your blog and have decided to follow along in your posting.

    I have linked the photo back to your blog - as you request in your "About Me" with regard to your work. Thank you!