Sunday, April 8

Stations of the Cross in Norris Square

My Station 10 offering for Jesus stripped of his garments "The Shirt off my Back"

 Good Friday was breezy and beautiful- perfect for the Way of the Cross around Norris Square. There was art and poetry performance by both youth and adults. Some high school students from Mariana Brachetti School nearby did paintings. Anne Minich, who got me involved had artwork for 3 stations.
Anne Minich at Station 1- Christ is accused

Pedro Burgos' amazing wood carving at Station 11: his crucifixion
 When it was y turn I described how my piece represented Station 10, and I proceeded to cut apart and distribute stitched sections of the sleeves. Some people were shocked that I would cut apart all my hard work, but for me it was amazing. I felt like I was giving out communion bread, but instead it was a small piece of cloth.
My piece after cutting and distributing the pieces of stitched sleeves

Anne's Station 13: His Body Taken down from the cross. 
Anne's last piece was a small log of driftwood with red-painted ends and large nails piercing it- she wanted the oils of our hands to add to the surface of the wood, softening it. She also passed a jar of beach glass for us to take  a piece. It's wonderful to give away something as part of an artistic experience. Our minds and eyes and hands and hearts are fed by such an act. And being the giver is as good as being the recipient.

Happy Easter everyone. May the new season bring renewal and hope.

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