Friday, April 27

New Horizons

I've been all over the city today! Northwards to Elkins Park for a residency class- when I walked in, the school counselor saw me with my bag of brushes and cups and asked "Are you the watercolor lady?"  Apparently one of the 5th grade students I'm working with has been very excited about painting in math class and has made behavioral improvements as a result (YES!!). It's the best gift I have when working with classroom teachers, creating opportunities for them to see different capacities in their students and positively change their perceptions. (PS- I'm not just a watercolor lady!hahaha!)

Next stop was Saint Joseph's University on the Main Line. The art department was presenting their annual student show. Leading up to Boland Hall were these wonderful wooden crate constructions, each playing with the idea of the rectangular prism. I love art that transforms simple materials and makes us see things differently.
My main reason for going out to Saint Joseph's was to drop off paperwork to the Human Resources Department- I've been hired as an art education adjunct for the Fall semester!! Woohoo! I'm incredibly excited about this opportunity- finishing my Master's program was bittersweet, as I really loved being in the midst of academia, and now I'll be happily back in it again on the other side of the classroom.
This is definitely a season of transition.


  1. Hi,hello from The Netherlands,

    Interesting website and how lovely that you refer to my work.
    Would like to inform you that I have just published a new book called New Potatoes. More details on my website or write me an email, All the best,

  2. Wow! Tilleke Schwarz! Thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet. I love your work and often send my stitching students to look at your website. Congratulation on the new book- I'll look into it.

    1. Hi MarieE,

      that is exciting. I could not find your email address, so email me if you like to see a preview of the book. So you will have an idea what it is like. Same for other people interested.
      Have fun,