Wednesday, August 11

Loopy Samplers

My own embroidery production has been slow of late due to all the teaching and planning I've been doing. In fact my fingers have often been employed with the needle- but all for the benefit of others... My Stitch and Surface students, however, have been very productive and have created some stunning explorations of color, line, and mark for their original loopy samplers.These 2 responded to some existing color on the fabrics they discovered in my grab bag. The one below is the most angular of the group- and for some reason reminds me of The Jetsons.The next two pieces show a really wide range of stitch exploration. I think both students were working through a stitch encyclopedia for inspiration and mastery.The fly stitch/french knots are lovely..These are mostly needlepoint and counted stitches but they're offset by the random placement of overlapping shapes and some more mark-making areas.Best of all this loopy sampler has transformed into a tree and she has discovered color blending of threads on the needle for some more gradation of color.
Keep Stitching!


  1. (Anj sent me over.) These are wonderful! Creative - artistic. I'm thinking that this an exception class and you are an excellent teacher/inspirer.

  2. well thank you! I can't take all the credit-I just set some ideas before these wonderful students and they run with it. The class will be offered in September on Tuesday mornings for anyone interested.