Wednesday, August 11

Kay Healy- Window on Broad

I had to go over to UArts yesterday and had the pleasure to come across Kay Healy's Window on Broad Installation.She's taken a page from Catherine Jansen's book creating life-size stuffed versions of household objects.Kay's studio is apparently in Studio 1026, and the printmaking tradition remains strong as evidenced by her extensive use of screenprinting in this installation. I love the hand-drawn quality of the prints, and it's like an illustration from a children's book had sprung to life, only requiring our imaginations to supply the characters about to walk in the stuffed door, turn on the stuffed light, and have a pot of stuffed tea.
As I'm about to start planning my screenprinting syllabus for my teens this fall, this recurring theme of screenprinted, 3 dimensional objects I've seen lately is holding a prime spot in the creative soup.
Healy's Window on Broad will be up for about another month- so take a walk down Broad between Pine and Spruce on the East side to catch a glimpse for yourself.

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