Tuesday, January 12

Back to Work

Last night I finished up my "sampler book". It's sampler in 2 ways cause it's a document of (almost) all the stitches in the 2 stitch dictionaries I own, and it's a sample for what I'd like my students to do in Stitch and Surface this semester. I started with 4 rectangles drawn onto each piece of fabric, and stitched families of stitches in each rectangle (straight stitches shown above, cross stitches below).

Then I folded each fabric in half right face matching, seamed the edge, turned, and slip-stitched the opening closed. (Knot stitches below).

Finally I found fabric for the cover, stitched it to felt, turned and topstitched the edge, then attached a snap closure to the tab and the front of the book. Finally I lined up the cover and the pages and sewed a line down the center to bind it. The one thing I messed up, though, was stitching the green fabric- I took up too much seam allowance and caught some of the detail into the seam. Oh well. I used felt for the inside of the cover because I thought it could double as a needlebook.

Tonight begins the semester at Fleisher, and I'm going back to teach! Color theory with 24 students tonight and Stitch and Surface with 10 students starting tomorrow morning. In the meantime I'm working on this:Not really sure what it's going to be yet, but I was in the mood for trying Kantha cloth-style applique.

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