Friday, January 22

Back for more

I spent part of the morning stitching on the York St piece. Just a little bit of seeding on the one building seen below. In the photo above the colored fabrics are pinned back while I work on the one piece of muslin. I started the piece yesterday in between classes, but found 'd forgotten to include a backing fabric. I debated about whether I should trek back to the studio or not to get a piece of cloth, but laziness and serendipity won out. The piece is now backed by a layer of tyvek which I'd been carrying around in my bag forever. Once it's all stitched the texture is very supple, and I used the softer side of the Tyvek on the outside. After stitching awhile, I had to decide how to spend the rest of the day. So I headed back to the Perelman building/PMA for a second look at the Kantha exhibit sans famille. Excuse the blurry photos- it's dark in there to protect the textiles.
I loved the border patterning in this one, and the texturing that occurs with rows of running stitch.
I also loved all the narrative elements that most of them included.
I have to think about it, but what would you put into a modern kantha quilt, narrative wise?

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