Tuesday, September 29

New directions

Good crit today. The found object slow cloth idea was a hit as well as the daily travel calendar idea. My fellow fiber grads felt they were the richest areas for exploration and appeared more personal in nature. Again, I feel I've been given permission to do something I wanted to do anyway, but wasn't sure about. So the question of the day is how to make a calendar that isn't a calendar?
In other areas, I've done enough research into articles to feel ready to propose my pilot study for art ed- focussing on the levels of teacher training in community arts and its impact on classroom experience. Let's see if that goes over well.. I've also been working on an Art History research project and I think I'll be exploring the intersection between traditional samplers and contemporary art appropriations.
Sorry no pics today- but go look at this. Reminds me of Charlene's stuff I posted before and the grittiness I'd like to achieve with my slow cloths.

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