Wednesday, September 16

Fugit Hora

When my time is filled with activity I don't sense it passing. Suddenly life feels very sped up as it's filled with so much more! Today's first Stitch and Surface class at Fleisher, a lengthy 3 hours, went by in a breath. Two former students came back for more and I have my first male embroidery student (hooray!). Expect to see plenty of pictures in the near future- we've already decided on velvet embossing as our surface design technique, and I'm expecting them to do a project on a non-fabric surface at some point.
On my ride home tonight I saw people putting out their trash and was shocked that Thursday is already here. The more deadlines you have, the quicker the time flies, too!
The worst "time Flies" moment was tonight when my daughter compared the breadth of her hand to mine. Our hands are now exactly the same size... which brought tears to my eyes, cause I remember when she could barely curl her hand around my pinky.
Speaking of passing time, I meant to share the work of my students at Peters Valley....

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