Tuesday, September 8

In the "New" studio

Welcome to my new studio! I'm not sure how much work will actually be done here yet, but I've started to claim my space by bringing in some source material and pinning up the Trenton Ave project. Now that the school year has started I'm free to spend extra time at Tyler after dropping my daughter off for her day.
Here's the view from the studio overlooking Diamond St. I'm fascinated that the left window view looks really urban and the right window view looks more natural....
Yesterday I pulled together the fabrics for the top 3 compositions on the Trenton Ave piece, and today inbetween classes I managed to get the left 2 appliques stitched. One more to go and then it's a flurry of embroidery time. I really need to get this thing finished. It's dragging and has taken too long. But that's what I get for being ambitious.
My presentation of work to the Craft grads went well this afternoon. There are a lot of us dealing with issues of urban life vs natural life. It's in the air, I think. How much of the commonalities in our group are due to the interest areas of the professors? I'm looking forward to some true critique this semester, some challenges, some clarity of thought, some push to a new level.
Here are some of the Craft grads whose work really resonated with me:

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