Sunday, July 22

Witty Sol

Strolled up to the art museum this afternoon via the free parking lot near the Azalea Garden and noticed some new gardens have been laid out between the dual sidewalks leading up to the stairs. This back section of the museum grounds has been torn up, fenced off, and utterly ugly for YEARS while the new underground parking garage was being constructed. So it's very nice to see this place beautified again.
So I first notice the square sectioned layout of the beds each surrounded by boxwood hedges. Then I see all the lower bed is filled with Blue/violet flowers.
 The next bed appears to be all red flowers, and I look ahead predicting what the next one might be. YES! it's filled with yellow flowers! How neat, I thought, to have primary color flower beds behind the art museum! 
 The final bed is filled with stripes of white flower plantings.
 Here they are from the top of the stairs: Check it out- the beds are all laid out in different directions of stripes. Very creative gardeners back there!
 Then I came upon a sign:
 Very creative gardeners indeed! It's a Sol Lewitt design! It's not just a garden, it's ART!!
I love that the art of the museum spills out into the environment. And I love that Lewitt made me notice something, predict something, and appreciate the idea of a garden in a new way.

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