Saturday, July 28


 I've had a truly awesome week with a group of young teens at Fleisher for silkscreen summer camp. I showed them a few techniques for getting stencils on the screens and how to print, and they just took the ball and kept running! We provided 2 shirts per kid, but they brought some extras again, and we ended up with 26 or so finished products! It looked like one of those T-shirt boutiques on the boardwalk when we were all done.
 On the second day I brought in dyes, and the teens tie-dyed a bunch of the shirts, which made everything more exciting.
 Although I encouraged the kids to come up with original designs, I also let them bring in whatever images they wanted to print. Some of the pop culturey references seemed kind of retro- Superman, Bob Marley, Frankenstein, Star Wars, etc. Others were a little more recent, like Harry Potter and "How I met your Mother'.

 A few used some symbols that I brought in for inspiration- runes, hieroglyphs, and adinkra symbols.
 My favorite, though, was a simple reproduction of an Alice in  Wonderland illustration which I requested be printed on a T-Shirt for me too. "I'm not a serpent, I'm a little girl!" Sometimes when I'm around little kids I feel I must look like this- so tall compared to them.
This was my last week for Kids summer camp at Fleisher. I've got a little break next week, and then August is going to be a real whirlwind.

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