Thursday, March 31

creeping along... and giveaway reminder!

It's been a while since I posted anything about my own work. It's still happening, just at a slower pace than usual. Being creative with kids all day long kind of satisfies that urge to make something.
My tendrils of vines are continuing to slowly creep over this piece, just as slowly as Spring is taking its time to arrive around here. So much for March going out like a lamb.
 A comment on yesterday's post reminded me I haven't shared the portrait in a while either. But that's coming along nicely. Seed stitch takes a long time, but I love how it's ghosting this portrait over the quilty squares. I need to make him look happier. He needs laugh lines.

Don't forget- the comments are still open on my last post for anyone who'd like to try out for the giveaway! You have till Saturday!


  1. I love the face! Who is it of?

  2. I don't remember reading about the portrait before. MOM