Tuesday, November 3

Is bigger better?

This morning, this wallhanging greeted Tyler folk. It's about 20 feet long and hanging against one of the 2-story columns in the Tyler entryway (why green?why?). Massive fiberworks like these are always impressive because we know anything with fiber is neccesarily time-consuming.
It has a dyed-canvas backdrop with a collage of burned and manipulated fabrics machine-embroidered at the base. I saw the work in progress and wondered what was happening with it. (Sorry, I don't know the artist's name)

From up close it doesn't read- it just seems like a mish-mash of fiber waste. The texture and color contrasts are curious, but it was not until I posted the photograph above that I understood the imagery involved- a sort of woodland view. So the piece becomes life-size- a window back to Tyler's Elkins Park days perhaps?

I'm always working in the minutiae of embroidery, and so the scale of this piece astonishes me. But is bigger better? Is blowing up the scale the only way to break out of the traditional connotations of fibers?

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