Thursday, September 29

What am I doing?

I'm not very happy with myself today.
I have to write a thesis by December.
Bear with me here, I'm reflecting out loud.
Somehow I don't mind spending time writing on here, but academic writing seems so daunting.
I can't let all the wonderful other things in my life like teaching and making art stop me from getting my masters degree by procrastinating on a 50 page paper.
I've not been posting on here regularly. Sorry...
I'm notorious for sharing images of work without crediting the source. Here I am trying to write about blogging in art education for my thesis and I'm a copyright lawsuit waiting to happen. (so is it okay if blogging is different from serious publication- is all this sharing of images in social media ok? Yeah, probably not.)
Research is not just description- there's got to be some analysis.
I can't let myself get so distracted. It's so easy to wander away from writing seriously when there's my blog, and email, and facebook, and news, and other people's blogs to check in on. I bet writers got more done before the invention of word processing and the internet. Maybe I really need a typewriter.
My brain jumps off into so many directions at once, that making something linear feels unnatural.
I made this over at Zefrank's scribbler. My "Thesis" is somewhere in this one:

Yes, that is my brain right now. It's a mess of ideas and emotions. And this doesn't really help me, as I'm not a single sentence closer to my goal after this post. I need a good kick in the pants.

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