Saturday, May 7


As you may have noticed from my lack of blog posts, I've been rather busy this past week or two! That's because it was the final run to the finish line of my student teaching experience. We installed an had the "Art of Student Teaching" Exhibit at Tyler with a reception last Sunday of nearly 500 attendees! 2 of my students showed up, thankfully. Here's the layout of my wall:
 My kids' sculpture projects were a big hit. Sculpture doesn't get much play in schools because it takes up so much space, but the kids really love it and need it.
 Here I am with my wonderfully supportive co-op teacher:
After a last week filled with paper writing, binder completing, presentation giving, and very little sleep, I'm exhausted. Today was my very last day, and I'm so touched to hear how disappointed my students were to learn I was going. I'm really going to miss them, and it's nice to know they'll miss me too. As I drove away from school I said to myself, "I'm done!", but instead of relief  it was bittersweet. 
Next up: adventures in residency artistry and a printmaking studio class. Oh yeah, and my thesis. It never ends. And when it does I'll be sad.

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