Sunday, April 10

Weight of the World figures

Only 3 weeks remain of my student teaching experience and we're wrapping up a lot of work. The district puts on a district-wide exhibition, the school wants an art fair at the end of April, and I have my own student teaching exhibit to mount. So we've been matting and finishing and weeding through piles of artwork. While this was going on I finally got to take pictures of two of the Kentridge-inspired collaborative works my students did near the beginning of my placement. Students helped collage the silhouetted figures and then drew objects of things they loved/hated/worried/hoped/feared to load on top of the figure.

 The one above has gone off to the school district building for display. It contains some of my favorite student drawings including a graduation cap on the figure's head, a devil whispering in his ear, and a clock to show the passage of time. Below is the one I'll put in my students exhibit at Tyler. She doesn't seem as loaded down by all these things. it's more like she's offering them to us. My favorite drawings in this one are a bowl of noodles, a giant cell phone, and a bouquet of flowers.
Fleisher classes are starting up again this week! I enjoyed the little break from the crazy schedule, but it was great having a new crop of kids in the silkscreen studio today, and both my adult classes are running! Just a few more weeks of crazy to get through....


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  2. I really like the way you built on Kentridge's metaphor of the burdened figure. It is a really powerful way to get the students thinking about ways to express their own lives and burdens. Well done!

  3. Thank you! It's always a challenge to make projects be both skill-building and content-rich!