Friday, April 15

"one in the Crowd" project

One of my Art I classes just finished their "one in the crowd" projects. It started off with a week of gesture drawing to generate lots of different drawings of figures. Then we studied perspective and students drew and painted in tempera a perspective drawing of typically crowded space using color to express mood. Finally students collaged their figures into the space using overlap and scale shift to emphasize the sense of space and placement and interaction of the figures to also create mood.

a crowded school hallway
a wacky art museum

a subway scene

another hallway

This was a challenging project for my drawing-resistant students. But they were intrigued by the one-point perspective trick, and became quite invested in their spaces. Many of them redrew gesture figures specifically for their spaces.
Spring Break next week! Then only 2 more weeks of student teaching! I'm currently planning the layout for my "Art of Student Teaching" exhibit. Here's the layout so far with a few placeholders for pieces I don't have pictures for:
I need to come up with some kind of low shelf or table for all the sculpture projects. We did a surprising amount of sculpture!

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  1. two concrete deco blocks and a board... voila, instant shelf! MOM