Sunday, November 21

My teenybopper Screenprinters

 Today was my final class with the 11-13 year old screenprint class. I can't believe they finished their projects!!! Whew! We spent the first half of the semester printing t-shirts. Starting with a collaborative screen, each student had to design a complementary screen of their own to work with the group screen.
repeated motif became a flower
Above you can see one student used the entire group screen rotated in a radial design and created the outside of the "petals" as her addition. Below another student only used the stars from the group screen and created her own sun and moon design for the front and back of her shirt.
fronts and backs
 The T-shirts took a lot longer than I expected and so our final project got a bit squeezed tight, but SOMEHOW we pulled it off today. I wanted the kids to create a 3-dimensional object from a 2-dimensional print. I offered them the option to create it on paper or fabric, and everyone chose fabric! They did a 2 color reduction print on canvas. Today everything was cut out, sewn, and stuffed. Each student made an "edition" of 2 objects. That way they had one to take home and one to leave for the student exhibit. Among the objects were 2 "Domo" figures, a giant cupcake, an ice cream cone, a puppy, and a gameboy. I think we'll arrange them as a picnic scene for the exhibit. Reception is December 18th at 1:30 at Fleisher Art Memorial.
printed, sewn, and stuffed

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