Wednesday, September 8

New ideas

The beauty and horror of grad school is this constant stream of new ideas, thoughts, resources, demands coming at you on multiple channels and having to organize all that information somehow in this poor brain... Wow. If I'm incoherent is because I've got so many things floating around the gray matter, I don't know what should come out.

An assignment this week was to do a websearch on one of the contemporary artists in our textbook to see other works. I selected Vietnamese artist Dinh Q. Le. In the textbook there's an image that combines a self-portrait in a crucifixion pose woven into a renaissance era Crucifixion painting. I was interested in the juxtaposition of past and present, photography and weaving, self and religion, culture and religion. Lots of juicy stuff there. So here's another of Dinh Q Le's woven photographs: It's from a series called From Vietnam to Hollywood. This one also has multiple lenses to view it from- contrast of history and media, war and family and culture, generational differences in perception.... I don't want to go too deep now, as I'm reserving that for the paper I have to write now.

Okay add on to that planning my stitch and surface syllabus for next week, some way-over-my-head educational psychology speak, and delving into the history of art ed. My plate is quite, quite full. And so is my brain.

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