Thursday, June 25

Summer in the City

Today finally feels like summer. It's not blazing yet, but the windows are open and the fans are on. Lots of galleries go on hiatus during the summer months, thinking everyone will be out of town. Maybe with the economy, though, more people will be sticking around feeling sticky.

I recommend a trip to Northern Liberties! Go to Projects Gallery on 2nd Street to see the "Summer in the City" show and check out this sweet and sticky piece by Aubrie Costello, which epitomizes what we see every day out here on the Philly streets in the heat.

The top declares "Juicy as Shit" and the bottom comments "Ya man. He shouldn't let you out the house alone". I'm amused by the placement of the blooms, covering up the areas we see waaaaaaaaaaay too much of this time of year.
Aubrie is a member of the Other Woman
Collective and a Moore Alum. Check out her links:
There's a lot of other good work in the exhibit-- some more typical cityscapes, etc. But I think this one steals the show. If it's too steamy for you, go cool off at Rita's a block away and complete the summer in Philadelphia experience.

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