Saturday, February 28

Fleisher happenings

I feel so lax in posting. Part of my problem is technology. Ever since I switched over to using my camera phone rather than my actual phone I feel I'm far less likely to post on my blog(s). Has blogging become passe? Well instead of letting things languish on my cell phone, here is a glimpse of some things that have been happening in the courses I teach at Fleisher Art Memorial.
 On Tuesday nights I teach Color Theory, a free class of about 15 students. We develop exercises in a sketchbook to become a color manual for future personal use. We've decided to have each semester switch off between color theory and basic 2D design. It was nice to come back to Color Theory this semester after not teaching it since last Spring. The new availability of projectors at Fleisher has made a big difference in how I teach there too. Above is a color matching exercise from the beginning of the semester, and below is a group color wheel, value scale, and chroma scale we taped to the wall.
 One of the value exercises we do is to paint a small still life of one white object.
 On Saturday mornings I've been teaching a fabric printing class for adults. Here is a found object print from early on:
 And here is a woodblock print one student completed over 2 yards of 45 inch wide fabric with a color gradation!
In the afternoons on Saturday I have 11-12 year olds come to learn silkscreen also. We completed a group tiling project and installation. Everyone started with a simple 4 square layer in one color (3 teams, each picked a different background color). Then each student made a geometric shape collage which we scanned and turned into a rotational symmetry design in photoshop to superimpose on the squares. Finally we took their addition of 6 and installed it in a hallway as a group. I love having the multiples have a purpose, either to create a group thing or a book. Most kids don't know what to do with an edition.
 Our first project was inspired by patterns in Islamic tiles, and we then went into the sanctuary at Fleisher to look at patterns in Christian Icons for inspiration for our second project. I ha the kids draw a pattern or border, design an image for the center, and paint a board with a background color. they printed everything on paper first and then on their board. Only the Katniss Everdeen image really seems to capture the icon idea, but no problem, they're 11 years old!
Registration is open over at Fleisher for the Spring semester. I'm teaching Basic Design and teen screenprinting next session. 

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