Friday, October 18

Happy Philly Photo Day!

This is my day in pictures in honor of Philly Photo Day sponsored by the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center. They host an annual project where anyone can submit one photo taken on October 18th within Philadelphia city limits, and it will be printed out and displayed in an exhibition at the Crane Arts building. Additionally, about 40 of the photos will be blown up on murals and billboards around the city. Of course, I took a whole lot more than one photo and it was hard to make the cut. These are all the ones I did NOT submit. If you want to see the one I did, you'll just have to come to the opening in a few weeks! Voila, le salon des refuses:

Drive in on I95, saw Leger's "The CITY", in front of my city.
my favorite stretch of I-95 is going under all the ramps and Ben Franklin bridge
No parking anywhere
trash day in South Philly
accidental photo outside Sabrina's cafe
the view through the music teacher's window. we are serenaded by chimes all day
the view through my classroom window
here come the kids!
Frankford Ave and Columbus Blvd. Loved the Bull sculpture and graffiti contrast
empty chairs at Rocket Cat cafe
The rest of these pictures were all taken at Rocket Cat by my daughter- I let her submit one too. She has a great eye for composition- ever since she was a 4 year old and I'd let her use my point and shoot digital camera to keep her busy at events. She's taken a few digital photo classes in the past year and is able to talk about her compositions quite eloquently.

If you want to learn more about Philly Photo Day visit here.

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