Sunday, June 23

Perfect Summer Sunday

It was a rather spontaneous day.
We headed up to Doylestown to visit the Michener museum. There's a fabulous exhibit called "Infinite Mirror" of work by American artists in all our glorious colors and backgrounds. My favorite image was the one above by Leamon Green, Jr. There were a lot of great silkscreen and litho prints throughout.
Afterwards we stopped at the Mercer museum, which is full of pre-industrial era tools in a castle-like building. The main hall is overwhelming, and even has things attached to the ceiling! 
 We had an invitation up to a farm near Doylestown for a solstice party with one of my Fleisher colleagues. When searching for my friends' houses I love to play the game "Where does the artist live?" Perhaps the one with a tree branch upended and adorned with a lion's mask:
 The one with sculptures in the birdbaths:

 It was so nice to be out of the city for a spell. There were musicians and a contradanse caller. I forgot how much I loved dancing and swinging around with a partner. There was a picnic dinner served on china plates. I felt like Martha Stewart could have been lurking around the corner to catch some of the bucolic air.
 Welcome summer!! What else will you have in store?

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