Wednesday, January 16

In progress

Just a little peek at my corkboard in the studio. The shibori landscape has been basted to a background cloth and I started stitching some concentric ovals in the icy water section. The patchwork window is almost done: There's just a little more stitching in the figure left. I might leave it hanging for a while longer- I don't really know if it wants more or not. I started a little grey, white, and green study for a potential new "wall" piece. I really loved the large brick wall in red, cream, and blue I made during grad school, and I want to continue doing some larger pieces. New to my repertoire is working with sodium alginate dye paste. So I did a small winter tree test piece to see how viscous the dye needed to be to paint with. I was surprised how crisp the results were- just a little bleeding on some of the edges. I used up the extra dye paste to do a dye monoprint with silkscreen. I can't wait to get back and rinse out the print repetition I did on Monday.
I'm trying to do some stitching, some surface design every time I'm there. Eventually I want to chuck out all the old interior design samples I've hoarded for the last 7 years, since I really haven' used any commercial fabrics in my work for a very long time. I just want my own materials.

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