Wednesday, November 7

Prayer Cloth

 Sunday was the culmination of 6 month's of work (and a final week of sleepless nights trying to get it done in time), as we presented and used the 100 foot-long prayer cloth during the Great Litany in honor of All Soul's Day. I was given the opportunity to speak the homily about why this piece was made and why I work as a fiber artist.
It was very fulfilling to see everyone holding onto the cloth during the prayer. This piece belongs to the whole congregation, not just me as maker. Creating work with and for community is different from working just on things for me- it has greater purpose. It's bigger than me.
The cloth and and accompanying exhibition will be up for the month of November at the Philadelphia cathedral, 38th and Chestnut. Open daily for noon eucharist, and on Sundays at 10 for services. Next Sunday will be a special evensong performance/service at 4 pm.

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