Tuesday, January 4

the gift of play

Anybody remember seeing these?
 I posted them a month or two ago in one of my "on the walls and in the halls of Tyler" posts, intrigued by the idea of shape components for creating sculptural variations. Well, one of the gifts I got this Christmas was from my creative mother who stops by and reads the blog every once in a while. She collects/saves all the Christmas cards she receives in the mail every year and finds ways to transform them. My sisters got Christmas card bowls with crocheted seams, but I got a box full of Christmas card COMPONENTS! =)))))
 This shape is just like the one front and center in the picture up top, and the shape below is just like the sculpture in the back corner of the photo. Doing these on the scanbed made me realize how little "focus" there is on my scanner, but you can see a sort of ghost of the sculptural forms I've been playing with.
The size of the components makes it a perfect thing for sculptural "doodling". Instead of a pad and pencil to absentmindedly play with drawn forms, these fit together quickly, easily, and portably for random creative play. We need a new word. Something that means a sculptural doodle. Any ideas out there?

There's something special about random creative play. It turns off the busy analytical commentator in the brain and allows for flow and serendipity to occur.

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